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  • after we working 40days since we back from chinese new year holiday we have loading in time the 2*40HQ upvc bathroom doors for our Indonesia client
  • As begining of july,we finished 2*40HQ vinly sliding windows loading today to Honduras
  • as our regular business to panama market,we loading a 40HQ container today
  • Most intruders go in and out of your house the same way you do - through the doors - so all doors in your home should be protected. Keep in mind that you must protect more than just your front and back doors. There is also the sliding door to the patio, the door to the basement from the outside and the door to the house from the garage.
  • When building or renovating, people often consider the windows and doors last. After all, don't they all look the same apart from the sizes? And this is ironic when they cover nearly half of the total surface of the house. Whether you choose wooden, iron, concrete or aluminium doors and windows, the right choice can boost the value of the house, provide ample natural lighting, enhance the design and give a feeling of space. Apart from the design, there's also the issue of workability. This pertains to where your windows or doors will be located, how they open, and whether you need enough ventilation or if the door or window just serves their primary purpose.